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What is this blog?????

June 03, 2020 • 1 min read

Why I made this blog, and what I will post

This blog came about as part of the redesign of my personal website. I had left it stagnant for about two years and did very little with it. This was mostly because I was working on other projects, and because the site was a little tedious to update and manage, which made me less interested in working on it.

For a while, I wanted to have my own blog, and write about the things that I have learned and experienced in my journey to becoming a Software Engineer. I could have been doing this on Medium, which is a pretty popular platform where people write articles and blog posts, but I wanted my new site to be more than just course projects. For me, a blog was a good way to make my site more interesting, and still write about what I'm learning and doing.

Contents of this blog

You can expect to find posts with tutorials focusing on both frontend and backend development. Currently, most of my work leans towards frontend web development and frameworks, so expect to see more of those, but I will definitely make posts related to backend development.

You can also expect to find practical examples to real world problems. These kinds of posts will mostly stem from work I did that is used by others or will help you learn something you can directly apply to your work. I'm a big proponent of these kinds of tutorials because they can be very helpful to others who might be working on something similar.

The third type of posts I will make, will involve random code snippets cause why not? These can include discussion and solutions on random leetcode problems, weird code 👽, or anything else related to programming that comes to mind.

Lastly, I will post about my experience in the industry or anything interesting I may be doing.

Stick around as I will definitely be active on this, and plan to write posts frequently! There are a lot of programming blogs and resources out there, but I hope you find mine useful too.

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